Casino FREE SPINS welcome package and new challenges.

Casino review all infos.

casino bonus free spins all infos

You can receive a reward of up to € 400 (PLUS 200 free spins!) From the start without having to deposit money when creating your account – just register and to follow the steps detailed on our site to activate the bonus, and then determine the amount of your reward later, when you deposit money for the first time.

Casino also has free games – free variants of each of our games made available to each visitor to our site, for the sole purpose of letting them try our interface without any commitment. For ten years, Casino has been putting players’ freedom on a pedestal and allowing anyone to enjoy their favorite casino games without having to invest real money.

The Casino interface and the entire site are secured by foolproof systems, known for their stability. This means that if you choose to transact directly on our site, your money and data are automatically protected by our system. It is also important to note that all payment methods offered on Casino are accepted in Switzerland, thus giving players even more flexibility.

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