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People have been drawn to parrots as home pets for years. Mostly because they have beautiful colors, are very intelligent, and are quite affectionate and loving. As with everything else in life, there is a price to pay for the love and affection of these birds. But, in my opinion, it’s well worth it. I think that parrots make wonderful pets and companions.

Unlike many other pets, different species of parrots do require different guidelines for proper care. But for all parrots good nutrition is essential to a happy and healthy bird. A parrots diet is not unlike a humans diet. It needs to be varied, healthy, full of nutrients, and visually interesting. Most parrots prefer lots of fruits and vegetables supplemented with a good quality parrot pellet and parrot seed mix. Clean filtered water changed daily is also an important element to your parrots good health.

Many people do not realize that they should clean their parrot and it’s cage every day. Perches, dishes, toys, etc. should all be cleaned with a mild soap avoiding harsh detergents. I prefer to use products designed for babies. Not only should the bird be cleaned but the owner should be sure that their hands are clean prior to picking up the bird to clean it.

Your parrot will form a very strong loving bond with you and will want to show it’s affection by kissing and cuddling. I don’t believe that we should be kissing our birds as the saliva in the human mouth contains many bacteria that can be quite harmful to the parrot. They will respond well to stroking and petting and lots of good physical attention.

Your parrot really needs to be able to “spread it’s wings”, therefore the size of the cage you purchase is important. They need room to be able to about with little restriction. The cage also needs room for toys to play with and some form of wooden object to bite and chew on. Because parrots are rather social birds their cage should be placed in an area of the house where there can be lots of interaction between members of the family and the parrot.

Deciding to purchase a parrot is deciding to make a very long commitment. Depending on the size of the bird (large birds live longer) a parrot can live almost as long as their human owner. Remember, parrots are playful, affectionate, and very smart. They will give you and your family many years of loving friendship, joy and happiness.

Bob Cotto is a parrot expert. For more parrot info, visit

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