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As generations change, so do its technology and trends. Our earlier generations had never imagined of the computers or the laptops and now the possibility of playing 3D intensive games on your little device! See, it doesn’t take long for trends to set in and change.

The more and more makeover of the gaming laptop, numerous hardcore gamers are switching the orthodox ‘large’ desktops to their sweet little custom laptop to meet their gaming passion. And noticing this new change, many fresh models of laptops are being introduced everyday in the market. But that does not give you the liberty to fall into the ‘technology-trap’. It is indeed crucial for every gamer to understand your laptop parts before you can select one exclusively for your admired games!

Understanding your gaming laptop to suit your needs

It takes a fast machine to play the hi-tech 3D games, irrespective of whether it is a desktop or a custom laptop. What you should look out for is a CPU that renders a speed of 1.73MHOz so that you don’t compromise on your gaming. It would be better if you opt for one with a dual core processor; yes they would be a little over the budget but then they would stay with you on a long run. Once you are done with that, the RAM is what you should look at next. Ensure never to compromise on the RAM for bigger the size of the RAM, better is the performance it delivers. 1GB is the usual norm but if you are a gaming fanatic, gift your gaming laptop a RAM of 2GB.

Having set aside the technical fundamentals of your custom laptop, go in for the video card. Most of your laptops are in-built with an onboard graphics, but make sure you have a higher quality graphics to root out the real fun of 3D gaming. And to amplify your gaming passion on to the next level, screen size must be taken care of. A 15′ or a 17′ is a good size to actually doze off into the world of gaming. Check the image quality first.

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That really shows you are an ardent game-fan. Then the next step is to check the battery life of your gaming laptop for graphics oriented stuffs always drain out the laptop life. Investing in a 6 cells lithium-ion battery that lasts for 5 hours is a good decision! There are a wide number of accessories available and you can surely make use of them to boost further your love for gaming. Gift your custom laptop with cooling pads that can dissipate the excess heat from your laptop. Create the real effect of your gaming with the high-quality external speakers. Most of the laptops come with poor sound quality and you end straining your ears to enrich your play experience.

After having done all of that, you certainly have to consider the price! Generally, a gaming laptop is expensive than a usual one. It is difficult to come up with a cheap one unless you are willing to compromise on the speed of the CPU and other facets. At large they would cost you about $ 300-$ 500 more as compared to the usual laptops.

Overall, if you are on the move, a gaming custom laptop is ideal for you but if you are indoors, the desktop one are fine enough for they are cheaper and has much more options of upgrading. If you have decided for a gaming laptop, take a few moments, scan through all the options and then purchase the one that best suits your needs and liking!

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