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There are major differences between the top-three video-game consoles: Wii, Xbox 360, and Playstation 3. Get the Wii if you’re looking to play games with the family; the Xbox 360 if you’re a hard-core gamer; and the PlayStation 3 if you are a movie-watching fan. Your choice in games could also make a difference in your choice of gaming system.

What games are do you like to play? Only 21 new games are ready for the PS3; the Xbox has about 160; the Wii, more than 60. Sony says the PS3 is backward-compatible with older games, The Wii is backward-compatible with Game Cube games, which require extra controllers.

How much you can afford will make a difference in your decision too. You will pay at least $ 250 for a Wii from Nintendo. A Xbox console ranges from $ 300 to $ 400. The stripped-down Xbox Arcade is not a recommended gaming system. The Sony PlayStation 3 costs around $ 400 to $ 500.

Some of the consoles let you watch high-definition movies: The PlayStation has a built-in Blu-ray player; and you can also download high-def movies through Sony’s PlayStation Network video service. The new Xbox Live has the ability to stream high-def movies from Netflix.

Leaving your PlayStation 3 running all the time can add about $ 135 a year to your electric bill, according to the National Resource Center. The Xbox 360 can add $ 103. The Wii only adds $ 10 a year. When it comes to saving energy, the Wii is, definitely, the right choice. Also, a National Resource Center study found that half of gamers are leaving their systems on all the time, which uses enough electricity to power the city of San Diego for a year. If you are concerned about energy consumption, the Wii would be your best choice, or you can just turn off your game system when your done playing.

You like to play games on line. The XBox and the PS3 allow you to play on line. Xbox charges for on line gaming. The Xbox Live Gold membership costs $ 5 to $ 8 a month. In contrast, you can play on line free with the PS3.

You’ll find lots of improvements in the controllers. The Wii uses motion-sensitive controllers instead of using thumb controls. So you can swing a tennis racket, slash with a sword, even throw baseballs, with a natural hand movement as opposed to using buttons and swivels. Like many other controllers, they vibrate when you make contact with balls and other players.

Nintendo has golf, baseball, tennis and a boxing. All are made to take advantage of the new controllers. Wii games get players moving and that’s one of the most appealing qualities of the system.

The PS3’s controllers are more familiar, but they’re lighter than they used to be, and are wireless. In addition, they use rechargeable batteries that gives them an advantage over the Xbox and Wii controllers. Sony’s engineers added motion sensors to its controllers, but removed the vibration capabilities, which take away from the gaming experience. If you are looking to get off the couch and move with the game the Nintendo Wii is the right choice.

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